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Make Your Shirt Stylish With Custom Embroidered Patches

Make Your Shirt Stylish With Custom Embroidered Patches:

Do you want to jazz up your shirt with custom embroidered patches? Stay at peace, California Emblems has your back by manufacturing and supplying high-end and pretty embroidered patches at a nominal price without concession on quality and quality. We have been manufacturing top-notch and elegant custom patches in 9 vibrant colors, designs, and styles to stand out your outfit in this crowd. We have been up to providing and supplying quirky and stylish personalized patches to meet your needs without breaking the bank. 

These brand-new and cutesy custom embroidered patches add immense flair and beauty to your jackets, jeans, flair pants, bags, travel bags, phone cases, tumblers, and travel bags in no time. The intricate embroidery design and colorful patches give an edgy and unique presentation to your business logo, for a classy advertisement. Furthermore, these top-notch embroidered patches are weather resistant, wear resistant, and can bear environmental hardships without complaint. These are the most durable and versatile custom patches made with love and care.  

Are you interested in making your shirt stylish with an embroidered patch, keep reading this blog for some insightful tips and tricks in a hassle-free situation. 

Elegant Custom Embroidered Patches:

When it comes to customizing your accessories and apparel, embroidery patches are the go-to pick of fashion enthusiasts, patch collectors, and fashion designers. We at California Emblems deliver high–end and innovative embroidery patches that add volume and class to your t-shirts, dress shirts, ties, cardigans, hats, caps, and long coats at a reasonable price. Our brand-new embroidery patches are the talk of the town due to their durability and affordability. 

Always opt for a unique and cutesy patch with bold and intricate designs for your shirts and steal the whole limelight of the show at a competitive price. California Emblem is always here to bring beauty and light to your patch in no time without compromising on your wallet. 

Perfect Patch Placement:

Patch placement is one of the most crucial and noticeable factors in the complete transformation process. The patch placement on shirts, jackets, jeans, bags, and long coats leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Make sure to check before placement, where it suits best like on sleeves, shoulders,  on the right side of the chest, on a shirt pocket, on the front, and the back of the shirts. These tiny details have a big impact on your shirt and leave a tremendous impression on you. 

Embroidered Name Patches Attachment:

The embroidered name patches have left people in awe of their exceptional beauty and class. The patch attachment of an embroidered name patch or a quirky embroidery design will always need to be glossy and perfect. We have many backing options for embroidery patches to give it a secure and long life for a lifetime. The strong and long-lasting backing options available for embroidery patch attachment are the sewing method, iron-on, stick-on, and velcro backings. For that instance, the backing options that work best for embroidery patches are stick-on. Stick-on and velcro backing are popular for their quick attach and detach quality in no time. 

Why are you wasting your time and energy? feel free to contact our sales rep via email for fast and hassle-free service patch services, from choosing a unique embroidery patch to its perfect attachment on shirts, caps, and jackets in no time. 

Safety Measure For Safe And Sound Embroidery Patch:

The brand-new embroidered name patches are durable and versatile for a lifetime use. It is mandatory to keep safety measures for top condition patches, like minimum exposure to sunlight in this scorching heat. Before washing the patch, just keep in mind to turn the shirt inside out for minimal exposure to strong detergents and soups. This would be helpful and provide a huge lifetime guarantee for the better life of custom patches in a minimal time. 

It will also reduce fraying and wrinkling for a long time, this is the best technique to save money and time. California Emblems is the only patch manufacturer and exporter that never disappoints its customers worldwide by not providing quality products at a competitive price.


California Emblems is a top-quality manufacturer and exporter of different visually appealing custom patches like embroidered patches, chenille patches, PVC patches, leather patches, printed patches, and woven patches without breaking the bank in this money-strapped world. Our stunning and innovative custom patches add volume and style to our apparel and accessories and transform your wardrobe into a vibrant wonderland. 

Stay in the comfort of your home and order custom patches by contacting us at sales@californiaemblems.com for a reasonable and exceptional quality patch to slay musical night.