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Dazzle Up Your Shirts With Sequin Patches At Pocket-friendly Price

Dazzle Up Your Shirts With Sequin Patches:

Do you want to add flair to your shirts with sequin patches at a nominal price? be at peace. California Emblems has covered you by providing and supplying sequin patch to add flair and beauty to your shirts without breaking the bank. We have been manufacturing and supplying different patches to add a vibrant and glittery touch to your outfits without compromising quality and your wallet. 

We are exceptional in manufacturing innovative sequin patches in different shapes, sizes, and colors to make you stand out in the crowd. The shimmery patch is not only a piece of fabric, it is a pretty embellishment to grab people’s attention in one go. With these high-end shimmery patches, you can not add beauty to shirts but also add exceptional light to bags, hats, caps, jackets, jeans, denim tees, duffle bags, and phone cases to show individuality. 

Transform the shape of your shirt in minimal time with shimmery sequin patches and wave goodbye to old-styled shirts. California Emblems is the only patch maker and supplier to give shape to your dream patch at a reasonable price without compromising quality and quantity.  

Let’s dive into dazzling up your shirts to add a personalized touch to your shirts with sequin patches to be the limelight of the day.

Glittery Heart Shaped Custom Sequin Patches:

The shimmery and pretty custom sequin patches are phenomenal decorative items that leave a lasting impression on people. These are the mind-blowing and mandatory needs of every patch collector, patch lover, and fashion enthusiast. Furthermore, the glittery heart-shaped patch is one of the most trendy and viral iron-on patches to steal the limelight of the night. We have crafted these patches with love and care to add icing to your apparel and accessories at a reasonable price to care about your budget. 

This visually stunning sequin patch is the most convenient and competitive gift for your favorite people including, corporate colleagues, pals, family members, and peers. So, wait for what? Hit us immediately via email and be ready to receive unlimited compliments from your friends, and family in no time. 

Glittery Rainbow Sequin Patches:

These pretty and glittery rainbow custom sequin patches are the cutesy embellishment on your kid’s shirts and swaddle. These glittery rainbow patches are a real conversation starter among different mothers. The visually appealing patches are the absolute favorite of mothers and grandmothers to make a captivating statement on their kids’ shirts and tees at a nominal price.

Are you in the same boat? Finding the perfect and eye-catching sequin patches for your kids to add icing to their shirts and make their day radiant and momentous. 

Large And Shimmery Sequin Star Patches:

The large and Intricate detailed designs have made a comeback and caught fire in the fashion industry.  The large and shimmery sequin star designs leave a great statement on your shirts at the nominal price. It is no wonder the perfect conversation starter among strangers and long lost friends. 

These shimmery patches are the absolute need of brides to be who are up to prepare for the wedding. They can have this shiny sequin embroidery patch into every possible piece of clothing to cherish every moment at a competitive price in this cash-strapped world. We at California Emblems are good at giving shape to your dream patches without breaking your trust and the bank in a fraction of time. 

Shiny Letters Sequin Patches:

These shiny letter sequin patches are the perfect way to show your passion and creativity on the back and front of your shirts. The high-end and bright exceptional patches are not only pieces of fabric but show individuality with your name initial like A, M, F, and so on. We have been up to creating exceptional shiny letter patches to brighten up your day at a pocket-friendly price in this fashion industry. 

Add glamor to your shirt by placing the shiny letters patch in the right direction like on the back and front of your shirt and let people talk at your back. The perfect patch placement is the best way to catch people’s attention in no time in this world of fashion and style.

Wrapping Up:

The California Emblems is an exceptional quality custom patch manufacturer and supplier at wholesale prices. We are always ready to make up the unique sequin patch to add enchanting beauty to your dress, caps, hats, bags, jackets, and jeans to stand by every occasion.

This shimmery and radiant sequin patch is the trendy and viral need of every fashion freak and patch collector. Are you in the same boat? and want to dazzle up your shirt in minimal time, Hit us immediately at sales@californiaemblems.com and let the magic begin.